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CoreRO aims to serve the best interests of players. For a best gaming experience, we provide a balanced gameplay that emphasizes fairness, integrity, and equity. Players will enjoy a healthy, lasting community on top of having fun as they play with old and new friends. Gone were the days of server hopping; CoreRO is the right place for you!

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Server Info

Server Location Singapore
Proxy Servers Los Angeles, Singapore , Germany
Server Episode XXII: Destruction of Morroc
Available Classes Transcendent & Expanded
Game Guard Gepard Shield 3.0
Main Language English
Server Mechanics Pre-Renewal
Mobile Client Android
VIP System Enabled
Battlegrounds TBA
Max Clients 2
God Items Disabled
MVP Cards Disabled
Max Base lvl 99
Max Job lvl 70
Base Experience Rate 30x
Job Experience Rate 30x
General Drop Rate 5x
Card Drop Rate (Normal) 5x
Card Drop Rate (MVP/Mini) 1x
Floating Rates Enabled
Instant Cast Dex 150
Max Attack Speed 190
Cash Shop Enabled
Banking System Disabled
Daily Rewards Exlusive Enabled
Hourly Rewards: Enabled
Vendor Management Enabled
PvP Points in PvP Rooms Enabled | Points can be exchanged.
MvP Points in MvP Monsters Enabled
Costume Weapons Enabled
-PvP & MvP Rankings with Statues Enabled
Playable Clients Android Mobile Client & PC Client
1. Base EXP Rate increased from 30x to 38.40x
2. Job EXP Rate increased from 30x to 38.40x
3. Drop Rate increased from 5x to 9x
4. Card (Normal) Drop Rate increased from 5x to 9x
5. Expanded Account Storage
6. No EXP Penalty upon death
7. Free usage of Warper NPC
8. Rates stack with Happy Hour Rates